Service Support

Service Support

Provide an ideal solution to the problem of small tool milling, drilling and grinding process

Technical Services

Customers must understand our products before purchasing the machine, and select and sample according to the requirements of the processed products in the industry you need to ensure that Happy Technology can provide the technical services you expect.

Pre-sales training

Provide pre-sales training services, a preliminary understanding of the operation process of the equipment, to determine the performance characteristics of the happy technology engraving machine, to reduce the risk of your investment.

Business Area 03

Accept customer technical advice, provide technical information and mold processing, production and solution process.

Free Home

Customers can enjoy happy technology free on-site training, installation, commissioning 3 working days service.

Free training

Customers can go to the company to learn software programming and other basic technology, the company provides free training and accommodation.

Three Guarantees Service

Happy Technology equipment has been implemented for 12 months from the date of delivery, and customer return visits will be conducted within 3 months to answer questions arising during use and provide system software upgrade services.

Custom Machine Service

Provide non-standard custom machine service according to customer requirements.

Automated production line customization

Provide automated production line production solutions, integrated solutions.