2021 the 10th International Printing Technology Exhibition


The 10th Beijing International Printing Technology Exhibition (CHINA PRINT2021) has received extensive attention and support from the printing industry since its inception. As of July 17, 683 enterprises had registered online, with a declared area of nearly 130000 square meters. As we can see, the world is very confident in China, and the industry believes that the Chinese market, which already has strong purchasing power, will see more and stronger demand after the epidemic. As a barometer and weather vane of the printing and packaging industry, CHINA PRINT 2021 will provide the largest international business platform, technology and trade platform, and information exchange platform for the Chinese printing market, and will bring a milestone in the development of the printing and packaging industry.


We believe that under the guidance of the new exhibition theme of "innovation leads the future", more cutting-edge technologies, business models and innovative ideas such as industrial Internet, artificial intelligence and green environmental protection will be better interpreted and presented, so as to promote the overall prosperity of the whole printing industry. We believe that at the CHINA PRINT 2021, we will see more national brands with world-class technology competing with international brand manufacturers. At that time, we look forward to a bumper harvest and a win-win situation on the big stage next year.